• A lot of people laughed when I told them I was attending a Parenting Workshop…
    but now I know how wrong they were. This course has helped me see things differently and made me a more patient mother. A great experience.

    - Aradhana Mehta - Housewife
  • Problems are similar but all children are different. Practicing the techniques of Active Parenting made me change my outlook and helped me to identify problems and find solutions. The videos made it so much more livelier and so real. The workshop is an empowering guideline for me.

    - Dr. Binita Mehta – Gynecologist
  • This course helped me to know myself better and also made me realize my strengths and weaknesses. It has really made a difference in my LIFE.

    - Nisha Shahani - Homemaker
  • Today’s world poses so many challenges for the parent and the child that a guideline to improve and maintain communication is of utmost importance. Active Parenting is the science of modern parenting if I may say so. Using the tools and techniques of Active Parenting a lot of situations that earlier ended unpleasantly, are now resolved magically. The course was a unique experience and it enabled me to see myself and my family with a different perspective.

    - Brinda Shah – Television Producer
  • The "Active Parenting" Programme helped me realise that I was not alone in the endeavour to be the "Best Mom In the World" ; there were other obsessed people like me, too. How are we supposed to just know what is the right thing to do in any given situation. The "Active Parenting" programme helped in so many ways. It has made me a better listener, as well as a better communicator. This has really improved my relationship with my children. It was a brilliant learning experience.

    - Kavita Thakkar – Homemaker
  • This course gave us lots of practical help on all kinds of problems in parenting.

    Asha Srinivaas – Housewife