Parenting....the most important job of my life
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Onlyparenting is an organization that promises to hold your hand and walk with you, every step of the way, helping you nurture and raise the most precious person in your life!

Founded in 2001 by Child Psychologist, Parenting Coach and Parent & Child Counsellor, Rupal Jasraj Patel, the organization has lead workshops, seminars and e-classes all over India and will soon spread its wings worldwide.

Mission: The foremost mission of the organisation is to enhance every parent-child relationship; to guide and empower parents so that they can completely ENJOY every aspect of the most important thing they will ever do - PARENTING!

Empowering parents also helps Onlyparenting achieve its goal of ensuring that the future generation is made of responsible, capable individuals who have courage, compassion, integrity and a high self-esteem.

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